FTC Group

Products and Services

FTC Group a.s. provides - within the group (holding) - financial services, engineering and manufacturing. Manufacturing companies in the group operate in the segments of the energy, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, machinery, electronical, transport and construction industries.

Private Equity (PE), Venture Capital (VC), revitalization and recapitalization, purchase and sale of companies and their parts or property files, MBI (management-buy-in), MBO (management buy-out), squeeze-outs, tolling, structured financing.

Investment units:
Chemical industry
Petrochemical industry
Refineries - Oil and Gas
Pharmaceutical industry
Incineration of municipal waste
Food industry

Remote transport systems and infrastructure
Rolling stock and rail tracks
Metallurgy and Metallurgy
Mining of coal and ore
Industrial automation and system integration of the production
Telematics road and air transport
Construction activities, including linear structures
Removal of investment units