FTC Group


FTC Group a.s. is a privately owned international investment group, which combines the major investors in a wide spectrum of fields, which brings exceptional value to its investors acquiring control and ownership of significant stakes in industries and companies operating mainly in Europe, the Far East, Asia, Latin America and Africa.

For FTC Group a.s. and our investors joint investments in specific circumstances requiring transactions and active investment management are characterized. FTC Group a.s. is able to participate in the financing of most investment projects and offers its business partners optimal financing models for investments in connection with their tax optimization and the impact on cash flow.

FTC Group a.s. offers an optimized yield of high growth potential in analytically and professionally managed investments.

FTC Group a.s. primarily invests in equity capital without occupational restrictions.

FTC Group a.s. is an independent venture capital company based in Prague, which implements its experience investing in venture capital projects and actively participates in their management. The company focuses on investments in start-up and private companies that are rapidly expanding their growth potential. The capital gain realized from the projects is usually sold to a strategic partner but we neither reject sales to the management team.

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